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Wednesday, 1/8/2003:
Anti-war Protest in Lombard and Chicago

The Student Liberation Collective is organizing an anti-war rally in downtown Lombard(corner of St. Charles & Park). We'll be distributing literature, there'll be a Food Not Bombs stand, music, dancing, and the possibility of a street dodgeball game. Then we'll be taking some unannounced form of transportation(most likely the train) to Chicago to join up with a larger demonstration(of which we're co-sponsoring).

For more information, check out the Student Liberation Collective website, or click on the image to the left to download a PDF flyer for the rally.

I know Hulla-balloo has been somewhat dead for a while now... most of which is a a result of me writing almost exclusively for the Suburban Underground and less and less(actually none) for this website. Some unspecified thing will happen eventually, but in the meantime, anyone who wants to write for hulla-balloo is still welcome to. Just send me an email.

However, I do have a present for you. Me and Aitken put together a great idea for a website that I wanted to put into practice for a long time now. It's called StoryTime: essentially, anyone can register as an author and create a story - and any other registered author can add onto that story by adding his or her own fragments of that story. It can also progress backwards, or have no order at all.

Click here to check out StoryTime

Sunday, 11/10/2002:
The Glenbard Underground
While it's been in the halls for about a month now, I've finally decided to put it online.

The Glenbard Underground is an alternative source of information run by a group of students who attend school in the Glenbard school district.

Click here to read the first issue(requires adobe acrobat).

That's me on the left, holding the 'fascism has many disguises' sign. Click to enlarge.
Anarchist Protest in Chicago
A group of rich CEOs and top government officials met downtown to hold the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue. On November 7th and 8th, groups of anarchists protested against capitalism, the bush administration, war in Iraq and more.

I attended the Friday demonstrations. Turnouts were much lower then expected, but during the marches especially, it was a very spirited experience. At least a dozen Glenbard East students were also present.

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past month and a half. I've been spending more and more time working on my underground newspaper. Unfortunate for the fate of hulla-balloo, the Glenbard Underground will be taking some of my articles which may otherwise be on the website. In addition, most of the columnists have apparently stopped writing stuff. Something has to happen, or the site will die. I'm willing to allow new writers. If you want to become a columnist, just send me an email.

Wednesday, 10/2/2002: Wrote a new article regarding the multiple layers of reality and the concept of morality. It's available here.

Many people have been wondering when I'm going to release the Glenbard Underground. Well, I'm hoping to get it in the schools by this Monday: but I still need some article contributions. If you have anything meaningful and well-thought out to say, I may print it. Just send it to [email protected].

Tuesday, 9/17/2002: I posted a few new articles about the United States government. Now is a time to get involved in politics, folks.

Sunday, 9/1/2002: Anyone who's ever questioned his own existance, or the nature of the universe, or about the ways people think, should read my new article.

Also, I have taken SMARTYR's corner away from the main sidebar.. but his articles still can be found on the articles page, and he still has the ability to create new ones.

Saturday, 8/17/2002: Moo has decided to stop writing for us, but in his place the great Jed has risen. Jed will be entertaining all of us with his stories which show how backwards mankind's line of thinking actually is.

Tuesday, 8/13/2002: I've waited much too long to write this article, but the wait was well worth it. Take a look at my latest article, George W. Bush and the Fourth Reich.

Friday, 7/26/2002: I just posted a new articl explaining how tools lates album lateralus tells an amazing story by the order of it's songs. Any tool fan who didn't realize this long agp should read it

Sunday, 7/21/2002: I have posted a new article that sums up the thoughts and actions of the masses of people that are lost. A must read.

Thursday, 7/18/2002: Due to popular request, I have decided to make responses to articles have a maximum character limit of 1600 instead of 800. Fight on!

Sunday, 7/14/2002: i just wrote a new article that questions whether we have free will or not. click here to read it.

Saturday, 7/13/2002: I posted an an introduction to the problems of christianity. more to come...

Monday, 7/8/2002: I wrote a new article about how we already live in a anarchic system and I deleted the black room article because it had no relevance outside of my dream log. Bah.

Monday, 6/24/2002: A few new articles were posted, including one by a guest author, Dave Hill.

Wednesday, 6/12/2002: I'm working on improving the way hulla-balloo users communicate. I have taken a mighty step in that direction with hulla-balloo messaging. Registered users can now send messages to each other. At the bottom of each page, it also lists what users are on the website at the moment. Click here to register.

I have also posted a new feature, "My Open Letter to the Public: FUCK YOU". It contains the full story about gamescouter, most of which was previously untold.


Wednesday, 6/5/2002: I finally made the site public, you can now visit this page simply by visiting If you haven't seen the new website, you may be frightened by the drastic change from the last design. Well, a lot of things has been changing lately, and this website is no exception. You may want to read the about section to the website to get the full story.

I also posted a new article which presents my arguement on why everyone should be open-minded and to embrace change in their lives. It's a good read.

Sunday, 6/2/2002: I posted one new article, "All Knowledge in the Universe Already Exists". I got a ton of ideas I want to put into writing, but I can never find the time. Oh well, summer is coming, hopefully I'll have the time to work on the site more.

Sunday, 5/26/2002: The "me" mentioned in the previous article was me,

Sunday, 5/26/2002: HAHA! jeremy (the kickass benovolent genius that he is) has given me a corner. you can all look forward to hearing from me quite a bit! I will have my thoughts on theology, philosophy, humanity, society, poetry, you name it. Just you wait Henry Higgings, Just you wait!!! HHAAA HA HA HA!!!!

Wednesday, 5/8/2002: I decided to remove the 'Metaphor of the Sun' article, because I decided it was no longer an accurate reflection of my thoughts.

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